Guess what happens when you stop losing? Its a miracle… You start winning and WINNING BIG!

My losers are what lead me to this realization…

Listen, we all lose its a part of the game.  In fact I know loads of traders who are very successful even though they are only accurate 50% of the time.  

Some losing trades however can be embarrassing…

Embarrassing “bad beats” that make you feel like you don’t know zip about the markets.

Five years ago I stumbled into the worst one of my entire career, and watched my account bleed out 32% in only 15 minutes.

Believe it or not, that was the best day of my life.frustrated1

Not because I love losing money (I don’t). But because that devastating draw down opened my eyes to the hidden truth that…

My Trading Losses Held The Key To Winning Up To 9 Times Out Of 10!

It sounds counter intuitive, I know. But once I’ve explained my system to you, you’ll know why it works.

You’ll be permanently immunized to most bad trades. And you’ll witness your account grow by double and triple digits within weeks.

Before I get to that though, let me introduce myself…

My name is Mark Deaton, and I’ve been a professional trader for almost 15 years. I’ve placed millions of dollars in trades, and spent thousands of hours staring at charts. I’m fortunate enough to make a full time living from the markets.

A living that affords a very comfortable lifestyle for myself and my family, and more importantly the freedom to go and do anything we want as a family, anytime we decide to go do it!

Lately we’ve just been exploring all that our home sate of Idaho has to offer!  Camping, Hunting, Fishing!

At a moments notice, any day of the week, we load the motor home and take off!  (As long as the kids aren’t in school!)

As a full time trader, I’m blessed with the ability to make my time in front of my computer extremely profitable so that I’m not stuck in front of it for hours on end.   This allows me so much freedom!

In the following short letter I’ll tell you exactly how I do it!

But I haven’t always had it this easy. In fact…

Before I Learned This Secret, I Lost Money
Hand Over Fist!

When I entered a trade, I would shake with fear that it would go sideways. Every entry was like a tiny little panic attack. Because I never knew beyond 50/50 certainty whether a trade would hit my profit target… or stop out at a massive loss.

Then I started paying attention to something most traders ignore…

A gold mine of data, hidden in the one place traders literally hate to look. With it I unlocked an entirely new “anxiety free” trading methodology.

The methodology that has become the foundation for everything I do in the market, and all of my success.

When I enter a trade with it, I’m cool and confident. My heart is still in my chest, and I don’t find myself quietly praying for a rescue. Because I now know that any trade I enter will exit profitably up to nine times out of ten.

Delivering trades like this…

A Cool Easy 101% on AZO Without
Any Concerns About Being Trapped!

AND, Without ever exposing myself to account killing bad trades.

Today I’m going to reveal that technique to you, plus everything you need to start using it yourself. But before I can do that, I need to share the story of…

Wall Street’s “Bad Beat” Double Standard
& The Worst Trading Trap I Ever Fell Into

I learned this lesson on the afternoon of May 6th, 2010. Stocks were trading down that day on worries about the debt crisis in Greece. I’d been watching one in particular – Procter & Gamble (PG) – looking for a buy entry.

At a little after 2:00pm EST, I got in at $61.90, with a stop loss at $61.10.

It was supposed to be a safe trade in a blue chip stock.

Little did I know that the market was about to go absolutely haywire.

Out of nowhere the High Frequency Trading algorithms or “robotic traders” started selling mass orders of S&P 500 E-Mini futures. Sending the index tumbling 9% in a few minutes.

Individual stocks traded down to 1 cent, then as high as $100,000 per share, before crashing again – as the “HFT robots” went insane. Between 2:42pm and 2:45pm over $1 trillion in market cap had been erased.

And my Procter & Gamble trade?

PG had plummeted to $39.37. pg-fall 

The move was SO fast, it had shredded through my stop loss. I finally got out at $57.03 – for a loss 608% bigger than my “worst case” exit.     I was staring at a brutal 32% draw down on my account.

I remember feeling like I’d been smashed in the belly with a sledgehammer, and the worst part was that…

Wall Street Had Their Bad Trades Reversed!

Prominent financial firms lost vast fortunes in the turmoil. But did they eat the loss? Of course not. Within 24 hours the SEC, the exchanges and FINRA had stepped in to reverse “bad trades’ representing 5.6 million shares. Most of Wall Street was made whole.

The whole event was swept under the rug, as if it never happened.

Where’s Your “Bad Trade” Rebate?

I still had to eat the loss on my trade, and the 32% hit I took to my account. Because when ordinary traders like us have a losing trade, it stays lost. The NASDAQ or the NYSE certainly aren’t scrambling to make you whole again.

And that’s the “Bad Beat” Double Standard…

Wall Street paid out $28.5 billion in bonuses in 2014 by bending or breaking the rules, but you and I don’t have that advantage. We have to be more accurate. We have to be better than the institutions at spotting the tricks and the traps.

You have to understand WHY bad trades happen in the first place. And to do that, you need to visit the one place every trader hates to look – your losing trade log.

Which is exactly what I did…

I Analyzed EVERY Painful Loss & Bad Beat
From My 10 Year Trade Log

I wasn’t looking for new ways to spot winners. No – I wanted to know what was causing me to stumble into losers. What I discovered was pretty astounding, and flies in the face of everything you think you know about trading.

Popular Trading Tools & Indicators
Were Hopeless At Spotting Bad Trades

Yes – they could spot the occasional winner. But by using them I’d been tricked into so many brutal traps, they wound up as money losers on balance. Because when you trade with them – you open yourself up to punishing draw downs.

The Following Indicators Will Lead You
Right Into These Trading Death Traps


Indicator Trap #1

Avoid Textbook Use of MACD

The MACD, when used in its raw traditional form is one of your biggest traps ever! Following signals from this indicator is a surefire way to lose on back to back trade setups.


Indicator Trap #2

Don't Let This One Fool You!

We tried even complex multi time-frame stochastics signals with every setting combination under the sun, and this indicator did no better than a coin toss! Avoid traditional use of this indicator!

Wilders RSI

Indicator Trap #3

Worst of the Bunch!

Wilders RSI (along with MACD) is one of the worlds most widely used indicators. Please understand that these indicators have been rendered almost uselss!

And after what I show you today, you’ll no longer be the victim of these account killing booby traps, you’ll begin to see a quick incline on your ROI as your results get better and better and better!  That’s all I ever asked for was…

The Ability To Make Small Improvements Every Trading Day!

Strangely, only one “vanilla” indicator proved effective at avoiding these bad beats, that indicator was…

Bollinger Bands!

Now you may be thinking, “there’s nothing special about Bollinger Bands.” And if you’ve used them like 99% of traders do, you’d be absolutely right. But when you use them with the new Market X-Ray technique I will reveal in a moment and careful attention to Bollinger Band pressure points…

You Can Spot Losing Trades Like A Bald Eagle
Picking Off A Rabbit From 10,000 Feet

    Keep in mind what I just said. If you try to use your granddaddy’s Bollinger Band strategies – you’ll be in the same hole you were before. It’s only with the Market X-Ray approach that they take on almost magical accuracy.

    Spotting multiple weekly entries like this…

Entries where you can quickly get in and out for a profitable round trip,
often within a few days or even a few hours. Without being sidetracked with painful losses.

This trade popped up on the radar because price was above the upper Bollinger Band, and greater than our moving averages.

Additionally there are 3 pressure points that validate this is NO TRAP!

Based on that, and price action taking out significant swing highs, we entered this trade with a $665 out of the money call option, ($23.60) and very quickly watched that premium jump to almost $80 dollars!!

As you can see it doesn’t get much easier than this.  The system allows you to spot low risk trades from a long way off, so that you can get into these positions before everyone else, and let the late comers allow you all the volume you need for a highly profitable clean exit.

With this approach my students and I experience…

Accuracy Of Up To 90%

That’s because…

With My Market X-Ray Technique I Triple Confirm
Each And Every Single Trade Before I take It

With a “System Algorithm Approach!”

That’s the big secret. Instead of just blindly following what your indicators, you need to confirm that the trade is real.

Not with a single indicator, but with the “System” as a whole. Its past and its present as a single algorithm, plus my exclusive pressure points and swing structure…

This will tell you EXACTLY what kind of trade your dealing with, what type of entry you need to plan, and what kind of risk is at play – so you can quickly plan your entry.

Its So Slick, and Sooooo Simple!

I spent weeks trying out different combinations of indicators and strategies. I tried all kinds of complicated custom algorithms put together by brilliant programmers. Then I ran thousands of hours of historical data – until I had it…

A simple set of confirmation steps on your chart, using price and three other indicators to make sure all of your trade signals are real. If I don’t get confirmation, I don’t trade. But when we I do get confirmation…

What your looking at is the simple method I use to do what I call a “Status Check” on the trend and type fo entry Im looking at.  We use the system as a whole, as its own indicator along with price action and Bollinger Bands to pinpoint laser targeted HIGH ODDS entries!

You’ll be shocked when you hear what it is. Not only because of how simple it is for even the greenest newbie to use, but because of its astounding performance.

With it you can…

Trade ANY Market, In ANY Time Frame,
While Maintaining Up To 90%+ Accuracy

I’ve tested it with dozens of securities, in different time frames. The results have been just as profitable in them all. Like this trade I found just last week on the EUR/USD on the 5 min. chart…

Finding trades like this is easy with Bollinger Band Jackpot.  Its just a matter of a few simple scans and then a few very specific setups. 

No longer will you wonder if you should or shouldn’t take a trade. 

Your trades come to you, they are clear and precise and extremely accurate. 

But its not just stocks and Forex this works on, check out this Monster Trade on Light Sweet Crude…

The relentless reliability of our Bollinger Band approach was proven over dozens of trades within just the first few weeks of trading. It was so powerful that…

I Grew My Account From $2875 To $7670
In Only Two Weeks

That’s right, in only two weeks I more than doubled my account. And I’ve been seeing similar returns ever since. Growing my tradable capital at a breakneck pace unlike anything in my career!

But I wasn’t done testing. I had to prove that OTHER people could use my Bollinger Band system to repeat my success. Because a system is only useful if it’s repeatable.

My Platinum Coaching Clients Started
Earning Money Hand Over Fist

So I introduced my new strategy to a few of my top level trading students. And after trying the system for themselves, they’ve reported some amazing results…

82% Gain in 2 Days!

“Thank You!!! I haven’t come across anything as powerful as Bollinger Band Jackpot in quite some time.

I’ve been applying it to my trades for over a month now, and haven’t been let down.

I also use it occasionally to trade intraday by applying it to a five minute chart. Overall, I am extremely pleased with Bollinger Band Jackpot, and have come to rely on it’s accuracy.

I’ll add a couple of my trades just for reference…

Bought VLO on 6/30/15 at $62.50, Sold VLO on 7/02/15 at $64.90 for a quick little short term trade. Bought FB June 26th $84.50 call on 6/22/15 at $0.88, Sold FB June 26th $84.50 call on 6/23/15 at $1.60 for nearly an 82% gain in two days.

Bought GOOG July 17th $552.50 call on 7/13/15 at $4.00 around 9:35AM, Sold GOOG July 17th $552.50 call on 7/13/15 at $4.46 around 9:40AM for about an 11.5% gain in a little over 5 minutes.

Thank You Mark for a very powerful set of tools!”

Austin Jenkerson

Simple and Easy to Apply!

“Hi Mark, just a small message to let you know how much I appreciated your course.

Fully comprehensive. I love the way you can visually look at a chart and know almost immediately if this is a stock, Forex pair, index etc. that you would want to trade.

I have looked at many issues and your teaching as proven to be correct and invaluable. Now that I have learned the BBJP I will always continue to apply these concepts that you have taught.

Like you said, the chart setup is your indicator.

Also,I especially like your teaching on how to set up a scanner and the type of wording to use for the BBJP.

The beauty of this system is the simplicity and quickness that you can apply it.

Looking forward to future communications with you. Thanks a million.”

Bob K., Boca Raton FL.

Almost Doubled My
Nadex Account!

Since I started using Bollinger Band Jackpot I have almost doubled my Nadex demo account!

I love trading currencies and Bollinger Band Jack pot gives me everything I need to enter a position or buy a contract.

When the rules are followed Bollinger Band Jack pot does not go wrong!!

Eddy Del Carmen

Over 200 Pips My
First Week!

This was the best investment I ever made when it comes to my trading! The system is very easy to understand and very straight forward.

Since I started I’ve made over 200 pips in 1 weeks time! This recent market is very unpredictable but with Bollinger Band Jackpot I can still
get the pips I need!

I strongly recommended this method to any trader!

Mary Csapo, NSW Sydney

Last Week For The First Time In My Life
I Won On All My Positions!

“I have traded CFD’s and Binary Options for several years now.

I’ve been to seminars, workshop and participated in several home study courses but I always felt there was something missing.

A recent car accident caused mild brain damage and I get short term memory loss. Concentration and focus are sometimes a challenge.

Everything must be clear and simple for me. This course did that for me!

I lost almost everything in the last few years and was therefore trading on a demo-account to build confidence to trade for real again.

This course was a eye-opener for me. Right now I’m really confident in my trading, I see clearly when to trade and when not to trade.

Bollinger Band Jackpot is as close as I’ve ever seen to a “paint by numbers” way to trade!

Last week was the first time in my life that I won on every position I had!”


S. Zegwarrd, Netherlands

Now, these guys aren’t superstar traders. Far from it. All they’ve got that you don’t is that they were willing to set aside doubt and try the Bollinger Band approach for themselves.

When they did, it worked and kept working. Churning out serious profits on trade after trade, with accuracy and reliability they’d never produced in years of active trading.

This has given me absolute confidence that it works. Which brings me to YOU…

Now You Too Can Eliminate Trading Traps!

If – like me – you’re tired of being suckered into losing trades by indicators that plainly do not work… And if you’ve ever wished you could enter the market without fear or anxiety about being stopped out… today I’m giving you an opportunity to fight back.

Up until now, only myself and 50 other traders had access to this system. They were all members of my “platinum” coaching group, who paid up (big time) to learn it first hand.

But I’m not satisfied with a handful of us trading “trap free.” And I’m looking for a few more red blooded traders to join us in earning windfall profits.

You Are Invited To Join Our Group

So for a very limited time I am extending an invitation to you. If you choose to accept, you will discover the exact system I used to grow my account 166% in only two weeks.

I call it…

This is the first and only trading system to use the triple confirmation Market X-ray to spot entries in any security, in any time frame with up to 90% accuracy. Plus avoid the traps that kill most traders.With it you will…

  • Swing Trade Your Way To Enormous Profits With A Single System Designed To Identify High Probability Swings In The Market.
  • Discover The 6 Remarkable Trade Setups You Can Use With Bollinger Band Jackpot To Trade With Accuracy Of Up To 90%+.
  • Spot Multiple Trade Setups Per Week Across Hundreds Of Securities, Each Of Which Could Be A 4 Or 5 Figure Winner.
  • Start Trading Even With A Teeny Tiny Account, And Rapidly Grow It By As Much As 166% In Two Weeks Like I Did.
  • I’ll Personally Take Your Hand And Walk You Through The Entire System, Step By Step So You Can Be Trading Within A Week.
  • You’ll Learn The Secret To Risking $2-300 Dollars On Trades That Pay $500 To $1200+ On Each Trade!
  • We Reveal The Obnoxious Power Of Divergence along with Bollinger Bands To Predict Price Action In Any Timescale.
  • Easy To Use, Simple To Implement And So Alarmingly Accurate Other Traders Will Be Jealous Of Your Results!

With This System I Doubled My Account in Two Weeks!

I mentioned it earlier, but I’ll say it again. With this system I grew my account by 166% in only two weeks. Effortlessly doubling my tradable capital with minimal risk of losses.

Imagine what that would mean for your life if you could more than double your trading account in the next two weeks. And then continue to grow it for months and years to come.

All of your financial concerns would vanish. Your family’s every need would be taken care of, without stress or worry. It’s the key to your wealthiest, happiest future.

Up Until Today, You Could Only Get Access
Through My $5,000 “Platinum” Coaching Program!

Before now, the only way you could discover the Bollinger Band Jackpot system would be by hiring me to personally teach it to you. I didn’t take on many students (I was making far too much money in the market for it to be worth my time), but when I did it wasn’t cheap.

At minimum you’d have to invest $5,000 for my “platinum” coaching program.

Some others paid far more. And you know what? You won’t find a single trader who regretted that investment, or who didn’t – at least – double or triple their account with my methods.

Get Private Coaching Attention & Private Coaching Results WITHOUT Paying Private Coaching Prices…

Today you’re getting the exact system they paid through the nose for – the same Bollinger Band Jackpot system I used to do 166% in two weeks.  But before I tell you about the investment, lets see exactly what you get…

Your Investment Gets You…

For A Fraction of The Cost…

Is This Too Good To Be True?

When you can earn well over the price of Bollinger Band Jackpot from the profits of a single trade – why would I ever teach it to anyone else? That’s a fair question.

It may have your “too good to be true” radar going off.

Bottom line – I’m tired of the fact that Wall Street has their losses papered over, crippling the economy, while you and WE have to trade honestly.

It’s Downright Criminal!

I believe it’s time for the little guy to have a win. That’s why I’m inviting ordinary traders like yourself to participate. Because you too deserve a chance to profit.

If you agree, it’s time for you to join us…

What If You’re Worried About The Price?

If money has ever been an issue in your life, then I understand that you may be questioning whether you can afford to invest in Bollinger Band Jackpot.

But when you can grow your account as quickly as I have, money worries fade away. So this could wind up being the last purchase you ever agonize over.

Unlock The Ability To Earn 166% In 2 Weeks!

Those are the results I produced with my trading account. And that’s what Bollinger Band Jackpot can do for you and your family. You’ll never say “I can’t afford this” ever again.

What If You Don’t Have Time To Trade?

It’s true that this isn’t a trading “robot” that profits while you sleep. You do need to invest 1-4 hours per trading day for this to work. Maybe you’re wondering where you’ll find the time.

If you’re like most people, you’ve got work and household obligations. Things you have to get done each day or week, that gobble up your time. Leaving you without much of your own.

But when you start trading with the Bollinger Band Jackpot system, you’ll gain the financial power to eliminate most of the chores and “time sucks” you hate.

How Do You Know This Will Work For You?

You’ve seen how my system works. You’ve witnessed it’s breakout performance on this very page. And you’ve heard from other traders – much like yourself – who are now using it to clip trades exactly like this…

With it you can spot traps before they blow up your account, and position yourself to profit with 90% accuracy or greater. Better yet – for all it’s awe inspiring power – the system is scary simple to use.

Even if you’re a complete newbie – you can make this work.

Clipping big wins, with very low risk, and doubling your account within weeks like I did.

And to make a great opportunity for you even better, you’re completely protected with our NO QUESTIONS, we love you either way, bumper to bumper coverage…

60 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Even though this is a very limited offer, I’m still going to give you 60 days to trade with me. I’m 100% confident that you will see how powerful this is immediately!  But, should you decide this isn’t for you, I’ll give you the full 2 months to make up your mind.


It’s Time To  Decide

If You Ignore This Today, You Can Go Back
To Playing Russian Roulette With The Market

  • Continue to fall victim to “trap trades” that decimate your account…
  • Struggle to have better than 50/50 accuracy on your entries…
  • Likely never experience the trading breakthrough you want and need…

Or You Can Start Trading With Pinpoint Accuracy,
And Earn Windfall Profits For The Rest Of Your Life…

  • Spot multiple winning trades per week, with up to 90% accuracy…
  • Confirm ALL your trades before you enter them to prevent bad beats…
  • Grow your trading account by 166% or more within two weeks…

It’s your decision. All you have to do is take one small step today, and you can eliminate anxiety and guesswork from your trading forever.